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A common question we ask our clients is “How do you track where your patients are coming from?” Common answers are “We ask when they come into the office” or “We have a section on our patient forms that asks.” Unfortunately, this is NOT an accurate way to track patients…especially when talking about Internet marketing. Call tracking & recording can eliminate the guesswork and provide you with valuable insight about how your staff is representing your business.

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If You Don’t Know It’s Broke – How Can You Fix It?

Call tracking has alot more value than just being able to see which ads your phone calls originate from. By listening to call recordings you can hear how your staff handles the phones up front while you’re focused on patient care. Are they asking the right questions? Are they referring people to your podiatry website? Are they making every effort to get those new prospects scheduled and keep your office full of patients? You’re staff may be great and they could be doing everything right…but you may also be losing out on money without even realizing it.

Now For The Technical Side

There is actually ZERO technical setup on your end. We provision you either a local or toll-free tracking phone number and program it to ring to your office phone number. You can then place that tracking phone number on any form of advertising you may have running (ie. website, print, radio, tv). Having actual stats about the performance of your ads will give you a big advantage when renewal time comes around. You get 24/7 access to your calls dashboard where you can run reports, add notes, and customize various features.

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