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A high quality podiatry website is a “must have” for a successful online marketing strategy. In today’s high-tech world it seems like everyone has a smart phone or tablet that they are using to access the Internet while on the move. So, it’s very important that your website adapts to look great and function properly on those types of devices. If a potential new patient can’t use your website on a mobile device they will likely end up contacting your competition.

We get a great response from our mobile website. Being able to track the click-to-calls and form submissions that come directly from the mobile site each week really show how well it is working. Danny & his team have been great to work with over the years and always keep us informed of the latest ways to market our practice online. Great Company!

Gary Goodman, DPM

Owner, Foot & Ankle Physicians, PA

What is “Mobile Friendly”?

We create an additional version of your website that highlights the information visitors need when they are on the move. People searching for a doctor on their cell phone don’t have time to browse through 100+ pages of content. Mobile friendly websites site will automatically reformat when someone visits from a mobile browser, and create a user-friendly experience that can result in alot more patients contacting your office.

Do You Need A Mobile Site?

All signs point to “YES”. The Internet, cell phones, and tablets have changed the way that people access information. Your business needs to keep up with the times and having a mobile website will help ensure that is does. On average over 30% of your website visitors will be using mobile devices. Don’t miss out on tapping into this fast growing source of potential new patients.

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