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You may not realize it but your business information is posted all over the Internet. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that publish business listings and many of them purchase their list data from the same core group of companies. It is very important that your business information is correct on all of these different websites…but do you really have the time to go find and contact each individual company? Probably not. So, we take the time to go find, claim, and verify your business listings for you to ensure that you have enhanced information across the web.

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How Can YOU Verify That You’re MY Business?

We setup and dedicate an account for you that we use to claim every business listing available. Some of the listings require additional levels of verification, such as a post card being sent to your office or automated phone calls, so we will work closely with your front office staff to make sure those updates are made when necessary.

What If I Don’t Verify My Business Listings?

You will be missing out a great opportunity to enhance your online presence and attract more leads. Most verified listings allow you to add a link back to your website, which plays an important role in search engine optimization. Also, your business may not even be listed on various highly visited websites without you realizing it. So, being able to manage and enhance your business information across the Internet can definitely lead to a steady flow of new patients to your business.

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*We have a partnership with one of the largest distributors of business data in the world and will update your info throughout their network as well.

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