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Listing your business on podiatry-specific online directory websites is a great way to add exposure and attract new patients. Directory websites are highly visited and often target a specific group of visitors. For example, PodiatristProfiles.com is a website that is designed specifically to find a podiatrist. Other sites are much larger and list many different types of businesses, so you have to do a little research to find the sites that have a dedicated section for podiatrists.

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SEO Value Alert – Link Your Website

Most directory websites allow you add a link to your website that appears somewhere on your listing. Having back-links from relevant websites such as podiatrist directories, or sites with information about foot & ankle care, provides an excellent SEO value to your website. These types of links carry a higher value than if you were to link from a non-related site such as your LinkedIn profile or a friend’s blog about cooking. Learn More About Search Engine Optimization

Something To Consider

This may come as no surprise to you, but the main thing you should take into consideration when listing your business on a directory website is the cost. If you can find a quality podiatry directory to feature your business on for under $1000/year…you should do it. If you consider the value of a new patient to your practice, the potential of that patient sending you referrals, etc…the advertising cost can easily be covered with just a couple patients. If the cost is higher than $1000/year for simply listing you in a directory then you should ask for an geo-exclusive deal and a patient guarantee, and be sure to get it in writing.

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Browse & Compare

  • PodiatristProfiles.com – Included
  • TheDirectory.com – Included
  • SuperFootDoctor.com – $175/year
  • PodiatryNetwork.com – FREE
  • FootDrLink.com – $150/year
  • LocalPodiatry.com – $40/phone call
  • ZocDoc.com – $3000/year

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