Online Appointment Booking & Automatic Reminders

Allowing patients to request an appointment online or book a “real” time slot is a great way to capture leads and keep your schedule fully booked. If you were to ask 100 people “What’s the worst part about going to the doctor?”…99 would say “being on hold when calling to schedule.” Having an option for patients to contact you via your website results in more patient appointments, and having an appointment reminder system in place results in less “no shows”. We can provide you with both services and train your staff how to easily integrate them into daily use.

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Save Time & Money

Are you still having staff members call patients everyday and try to remind them about upcoming appointments? Do you think your staff is already too busy and don’t have any reminder system in place? We can set you up with a high-tech appointment reminder system that is not only easy to use, but only takes seconds to setup. You can eliminate the tedious process of making hundreds of phone calls each week (most of which result in leaving a message on an answering machine) and wasting hours of your staff’s time (time you pay for).

How Does It Work?

The simple version of how automatic appointment reminders work:

  1. A patient calls & schedules an appointment
  2. Enter info (name, email, cell #, appt date/time) into the system
  3. Patient receives automatic email and text message
  4. Patient confirms appointment
  5. You receive notification about appointment status
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*Online Booking & Appointment Reminders is included with our Elite Marketing Package.

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