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So, you have a podiatry website but can’t seem to find it when you do a search online? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) may be the answer for you.

We’ll create custom campaigns that target your ideal patients at the exact time they’re searching for your services online. So, when someone in your area searches bunion treatment, heel pain, or any number of other keyword phrases that relate to your business, your site will appear at the top of the results page above your competition. This is one of the most effective ways to generate new patients with your website. Fill out the form to the right to receive a FREE Search Engine Marketing Proposal for your business based on your geographic area, keyword research, and market competition.

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What’s the Difference Between SEM, PPC, and SEO?

If you’ve been researching Internet marketing, you have probably come across these terms.

  • Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”, is referring to how a website is constructed, page content, meta tags, sites linking in, and other factors that determine how a search engine like Google interprets and ranks your website.
  • Pay Per Click, or “PPC”, refers to paid placement that only costs money if/when your ad is clicked on and someone visits your site.
  • SEM involves promoting your website to increase visibility through both optimization and paid advertising.

Having a website that is properly “optimized” will have a positive impact on the performance of your PPC campaigns, so it is important to understand the relationship between the different forms of marketing.

Less Work & More Patients = Happy Client

We research your market, setup targeted ads, and handle the daily management of your account for you. All you have to do is focus on the new patients being generated from your marketing program. We closely monitor your account to ensure that your ads maintain top positions and report back to you with any recommendations we feel could improve your website and/or marketing campaign.

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*All SEM clients receive a FREE $100 Marketing Credit applied towards their initial campaign.

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