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We see it all the time…you just spent alot of money on a podiatry website, but it isn’t getting any visitor traffic. The #1 reason for this is that no Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was done when your site was built, or anytime since for that matter.

There isn’t any secret formula that you need to get your website to rank competitively and attract visitors. It is public knowledge that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing display their results based on how RELEVANT a web page is as it relates to the keyword phrase that was searched. Having a optimized website will help determine the success (or failure) of your Internet marketing efforts. FREE Search Engine Optimization is included with our website packages.

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How Do I Get “Optimized”?

There are 2 areas that need attention when talking about SEO work:

  • On Page SEO deals with how your website is setup. Each page should target a specific keyword phrase and have all of the supporting meta tags properly laid out. For example, if you have a page with information about bunion surgery and you’re located in Houston, TX, the title of that page (this gets picked up and displayed in search results) should be something like “Bunion Surgery in Houston, TX”.
  • Off Page SEO deals with your website’s relationship with other websites, or more accurately their relationship with your site. The most common practice involved is “link building” which involves going out to business directories and other websites related to your business, and adding a link back to your website. Every “back-link” carries a value and having alot of relevant back-links will cause the search engines to favor your website and increase your rankings.

There is alot of time, effort, and “behind the scenes” work that goes into a quality SEO program, and the results are typically more long-term compared with a Search Engine Marketing campaign.

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