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Social Networking has always been a great source of referrals for any business. This used to involve a social gathering where you would meet and greet other business professionals, but in today’s high-tech society people connect and spread their messages using online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs. These sites allow you quickly and easily share and receive information, and they can be a great supplement to your search engine optimization efforts.

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Not Sure How To “Tweet”?

If you know how to send an email you know how to use social media. All you have to do is type in the information you want to share and click the send button. We will connect all of your social media accounts, so your information only needs to be posted once and it’ll automatically be shared across the different sites. You can write about ANYTHING…but we recommend you stick to subjects related to your business. This could mean office news (maybe you hired a new employee), your opinion about an interesting article you read about foot care, new treatment options you’re offering, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Social Media?

There are several ways social media can benefit your practice, including:

  • Stay connected with patients with very little effort
  • Add links to targeted sections of your podiatry website
  • Inexpensive way to highlight and promote your services
  • Give patients the impression that your office is “with the times”
  • Generate more referral business from existing patient base
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*Social Media Setup is included with our Elite Marketing Package.

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