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“We signed up for a podiatry website in 2010, and has been GREAT! We did some shopping around and they were offering the lowest setup costs and ongoing hosting/maintenance fees of any of the “podiatry” website providers. Anytime we want to add new content or create new pages they take care of everything for us at no additional cost (or we can login and do it ourselves). Our site is all over the first page of the search engines when people are looking for a DPM in our area. They also track all of the visitors to the site and provide us with reports. We highly recommend to anyone looking into online marketing.”
~ Eric Silvers, DPM – McKinney & Prosper, TX

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Photo of Texas podiatrist Eric Silvers, DPM

“We have been extremely happy with our new marketing program. The first week I scheduled 5 new patients and 3 of them eventually scheduled surgical procedures. I have had several compliments on our website and how easy it is to navigate. Our account manager Danny has been amazing to work with and he is so patient with us. I’m the office manager for my husband’s practice and neither of us understands the technical wording associated with setting up a website, but he took control and made everything work out perfectly. Their team has been great to work with and they respond quickly to any concerns. Usually within an hour of sending an email someone will contact you, or I can call in and speak with an actual person which is nice too. If you are looking into setting up a new website, this is the company to go with. They are very professional and courteous and some of the nicest people I have worked with.”
~ Kristyn L. Drews – Practice Manager – Omaha, NE

Photo of Nebraska podiatrist Michael Drews, DPM

“ has been helping me grow my business for several years. They manage all of my websites and online marketing, and their support is fantastic. Their program truly works and the tracking/reporting features are GREAT! This is a “No Brainer” for any podiatry practice interested in effective marketing.”
~ Patrick DeHeer, DPM – 5 Indiana Locations

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Photo of Indiana podiatrist Patrick DeHeer, DPM

“We had looked at many options for online marketing for our offices. We wanted a quality looking website, but didn’t want to spend $1000+ just to set it up. gave us everything we needed and some extras. Danny has been excellent in not only setting the site up, but making changes whenever we need. We would highly recommend Danny and”
~ Howard Roesen, DPM & Arthur Wolfson, DPM – 3 Virginia Locations

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“When I first called and spoke with a rep about switching from the company I was working with, I was skeptical about the move. I had other companies that promised me never-ending efforts and max results, and never came through with the promises. I was tired of lousy customer service and constantly calling or emailing regarding needed information or changes. I finally made the switch to and customer service was very good right from the start. Whatever changes I requested, I got a response within 24 hours. My website looks much better now. I am able to track patients who come to the office through the website, and I get new patients almost daily, all thanks to For a physician, who is starting out on his own, it is crucial to the growth of the practice. I would recommend to anybody who wishes to continue to grow his/her practice.”
~ Iliya Beylin, DPM – Coral Springs & Plantation, FL

Photo of Florida podiatrist Iliya Beylin, DPM

“I have tried almost every marketing tactic in my 25+ years in practice. All I can say is that I wish had been around from the moment I opened my doors. EXCELLENT company – HIGHLY recommended!”
~ Jerry Silverman, DPM – Houston & Sugar Land, TX

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Photo of Texas podiatrist Jerry Silverman, DPM

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with We switched from another internet vendor and I can say that I am so very glad we did. We have gotten more new patients from this new website in just a few months than we ever got from our old vendor (THANKS FOR THAT!!!!) The transition was smooth and painless….your staff was fantastic and took all the time needed to help us with the transition over from design help and domain name help. I would definitely recommend to any office that is wanting FANTASTIC internet coverage.”
~ Lisa VanSchuyver – Office Manager – Fort Myers, FL

Photo of Florida podiatrist Hal Bozof, DPM

“My website is more than advertising, it is a signature of my practice. It is attractive to look at, and easy for new and existing clients to navigate the pages and learn about my office. A neat presentation of facts and information in just the right format says to my clients that I care about my work. Pictures, maps and patient forms are a great way for new patients to prepare themselves for their first visit.

I have been using for around three years and the most important thing is that the website developers continue to make enhancements and continue to bring a competitive edge to my practice. I would highly recommend this company. Their service and dedication to their customers is outstanding.”
~ Jeffrey Boberg, DPM – Bridgeton, MO

Photo of Missouri podiatrist Jeffrey Boberg, DPM

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